Fall is my favorite time of the year.  I just love the cool, crisp air which makes walking in the garden so much more enjoyable. I enjoy Fall gardening for the same reason—it’s cooler. 

I am a sucker for a fall-blooming plant.  I’m always on the lookout for something new, so I thought I’d share with you some of my findings. 

Pink Muhly Grass, Muhlenbergia Capillaris

Pink Muhly Grass is hard to find, but when you see it, you’ll love the pink fluffy plumes that arise from the foliage in September. This plant is beautiful when planted in mass, but also makes a great specimen. Muhlenbergia capillaris is it’s botanical name, and this plant looks great with fall blooming asters. 

Mistflower, Hardy Ageratum
Eupatorium coelestinum

Perennial Ageratum is another eye-catcher with its bright lavender blooms that return each year in September. Also known as Mistflower, this perennial is a member of the Eupatorium family. You might find it labeled Eupatorium Coelestinum. The blooms look just like the annual ageratum, but this plant returns reliably each year, as long as you can water it during dry periods. All plants in the Eupatorium family require moisture to thrive. Which might make you wonder why I included this plant in my list, but I couldn't help showing you these wonderful flowers behind the greenhouse. This spot does receive regular water from our sprinklers.

Berries tickle me as well, because I know they’ll bring birds into the garden. One of my favorites is American Beautyberry with its deep magenta berries that are in clusters wrapped around the stem. The berries hang onto the stems even after the leaves have dropped, providing interest on into the winter. If purple isn’t your thing, a rare white form and a pink form can be found in specialty nurseries. 
American Beautyberry, Shady Gardens Nursery
Tiny Flowers on Tea Olive perfume the Garden
Tea Olive is a large evergreen shrub that blooms later in the fall with tiny but very fragrant blooms that smell like fresh apricots. A single plant can fragrance a whole garden! It's hard to believe these tiny flowers pack such a punch.  

Well, I know it does not feel like fall outside here in Georgia today, but this is as much of a fall as we're likely to get. So while the weather is nice, get out there and plant something. That's where I'm headed right now!