March Blooms in my Georgia Garden: Loropetalum

It is now March, and our many Loropetalum shrubs are still in full bloom. This has been by far the most spectacular year we've had for Loropetalum. These shrubs have been blooming nonstop since January.

Yes, this has been a weird winter. We had only sporadic cold spells with lots of warm spells in between. Some plants like the Oakleaf Hydrangea and Elderberry that are normally deciduous retained all their leaves throughout the winter. The elderberries even had the odd flower cluster now and then. Plants that normally die to the ground in winter and regrow from the base such as Confederate Rose and Lantana are leafing out from the stems which we never got cut back this year. This is highly unusual. And weird. I never got around to wearing all my sweaters, and my winter coat got out only once.

For more on the lovely Loropetalum, read our other post: January Blooms in my Georgia Garden: Loropetalum.

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