May Blooms in my Georgia Garden: Caldwell Pink Rose

One of the showiest roses in my garden today is the Caldwell Pink Climbing Rose. Considered to be one of the "found" roses, Caldwell Pink is a polyantha that might be the same rose as Pink Pet from China. Caldwell Pink Climbing Rose blooms here in May each year, and when it does, it'll knock your socks off. The plant is absolutely covered with large clusters of small 2-inch fluffy pink blossoms. It is a rampant grower that will quickly cover a fence or arbor, rooting wherever it touches the ground. Although the blooms have very little fragrance if any, this is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, we won't see the blooms again until next year, since Caldwell Pink Climbing Rose is not a repeat bloomer.

Not so with the Caldwell Pink Shrub Rose. The shrub form of Caldwell Pink blooms continuously until the first Fall frost. Unlike the climber, Caldwell Pink Shrub Rose is a compact bush about 4 feet tall, so it is perfect for the small garden or in a foundation planting.

Whether you choose the climber or the shrub, Caldwell Pink Rose is very easy to grow. It tolerates the heat and drought common in our Georgia garden during the summer, Caldwell Pink can be grown in colder climates too, hardy in USDA Zones 6 through 10. The foliage remains clean and vibrant green throughout the season, never requiring spray chemicals of any kind. 

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