National Wildlife Week March 15

National Wildlife Week is March 15-21, 2010. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with the children in your life and teach them of the importance of preserving our wildlife.

We should all be good stewards of the world we live in. That means many things. Almost everything we do can have an impact on wildlife and our world. This may be as simple as disposing of your trash in a garbage receptacle instead of throwing it on the ground.

The best way to teach a child about wildlife is to take him where he can view what goes on in the world around us. You can do that right in your own yard where he can learn just by looking out the window. If you live in an apartment, the task will be a little more challenging, but it can still be done, provided you have a window and a balcony.

Encouraging wildlife to visit your garden is not all that difficult. Begin with birds and butterflies. Start by hanging a bird feeder where it can be easily filled with bird seed which can be purchased at almost any grocery or discount store. You'll be surprised at how quickly the birds will discover this easy dinner.

In our next installment I'll offer tips on planting a wildlife garden.

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