Haitian Art: Portion of all Sales Donated to Haiti Earthquake Victims!

Some time ago I became acquainted with a beautiful artform that is becoming very popular--Haitian Art.
Artists in Haiti use recycled steel oil drums to make unique art for the home and garden. After flattening out the piece of steel with a mallet, the artist uses chalk to draw his design onto the steel. Then using a chisel and mallet, he carves the design, creating a beautiful and unique piece of art.
These sculptures are one-of-a-kind museum-quality works of art, and some indeed are on display in prestigious museums around the world. Some pieces are very affordable and make great decorations for the garden.
Nestled among ivy in my own garden is a unique Haitian Sun sculpture that has received many complements.
Recently Haiti was hit by terrible earthquakes, and many of us have wondered what we can do to help. Shady Gardens Nursery has decided to donate 10% of all sales of in stock Haitian Art toward Haiti relief. To view available pieces, click the link to Purchase Haitian Art and Help Haitian Earthquake Victims. Shipping is Free!

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